002 - SOC Analyst Tips pt. 1 [Writing Good Tickets]

Having only just begun my computer information security career I don't have large papers or research documentation to present to the community; but drawing from my limited experience I wanted to write a small series on TTPs I've put together that have drastically improved my speed and quality of analysis. The first part in this series will be on writing tickets.

001 - Why Hackers Need Hand Tools

Working in any IT related field, there always seems to be a reputation of mythical proportions for the top one percent in our field who commonly and often proudly exclaim of their frequent seclusion with their computer at all hours of the day in the pursuit of constant learning. And while this obviously works for a select group of individuals, I would argue that taking a more grounded and measured approach to utilizing technology would not only allow for the prolonged health of our IT workforce and prevent the prevalent burnout in our community but also pave the way for an evolution of the image of the IT workforce inevitably leading to more hard working, creative individuals contributing with a new set of viewpoints making our world collectively safer.

000 - Continuous Development

We as humans are in one of three states in every aspect of our lives. We are either growing, stagnating, or dying, and it could be argued that the last two could be considered the same state. Everyday given to us is another opportunity to not only grow and move towards our goals, but also an opportunity to continue on a downward spiral.