000 - Continuous Development

We as humans are in one of three states in every aspect of our lives. We are either growing, stagnating, or dying, and it could be argued that the last two could be considered the same state. Everyday given to us is another opportunity to not only grow and move towards our goals, but also an opportunity to continue on a downward spiral.

This fact of life should not be taken lightly because just as a boulder picks up speed the farther it rolls down a hill, our lives can take the same principles. We can choose to spiral upwards or downwards, and the longer we're in these states the more effect they can have on our lives. Investing 30% of your income every paycheck for 40 years will net you financial independence and wealth beyond your comprehension. Just as getting drunk every weekend for 40 years will net you liver cancer among other deformities or diseases.

But before one can assess their current state in life one must have the presence of mind or self awareness to know this is something to be on the lookout for. This is why we should orient our lives towards the greatest ideal we can conceptualize in all facets of life. Foremost even if we miss aiming for the stars we'll hit the trees. Moreover by setting lofty goals and objectives we always have something to work towards on our upward spiral OR something to reach back for when we inevitably notice we've taken a downward turn.

With all of this said, my goal with this blog is to put my thoughts into words with hopes that I can positively impact at least one person in their career or in their life. And while yes, this will be a blog focused on Computer Information Security and the topics that interest me in this field; this medium will also stray in relevance to Physical Security, Life Lessons, and general ruminations on life because just as Chinese Red String theory states that people are connected by invisible strings I would argue ideas, concepts, and thoughts are connected in the same way. Return on Investment is a business term but the concept can also apply to interpersonal relationships or intrapersonal decisions. Angle of deflection is a central concept in armored vehicle design, but its basis also applies to propagation of radio waves through different materials.

We are all human beings each on unique paths that don't let us see more then 2 ft. in front of us and don't let us go back from where we came. We are destined by time to push forward. As a closing statement; we are more then our industry, we are more then where we are now, we are made up of the decisions we make and the direction we plant ourselves in.